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The Benefits of the Armless Steelcase Leap

The benefits of choosing an armless Steelcase Leap are endless. With an ergonomic design and beautiful organic curves it’s the perfect chair for working those long tedious hours and still staying comfortable.  I know what you’re thinking Why would you want an armless chair as opposed to a standard Leap?

Armless Steelcase Leap V1 Chairs

Space– It’s not quite as bulky. Let’s be honest space matters especially in an office. Without arms you can more easily maneuver around a conference table or training desk.

Look– It’s slimmer and more elegant. Arms don’t always add to the look of designs, sometimes beauty is in simplicity. The Steelcase Leap’s design can stand on its own and still maintain several key features.

Damage– You don’t have to worry about damaging the arms or getting them repaired. Arms tend to slam or get stuck against desks and tables. Armless keeps your chair looking better longer.

Cost– Great news it costs less! When designing your space on a budget consider if you really need the arms for the tasks you will be doing. Why not try to save a couple bucks where you can?

All and all the armless leap may be the perfect match for you and your needs. Consider the factors and decide for yourself. Who needs those pesky arms anyways?