Work Stations

When it comes to cubicle workstations, you have more options than you might think. There are many different ways to configure offices and you can choose the items that work best for your type of business. You may incorporate many different types of workstations to get the look you want. Cubicle systems are great choices for offices. They take advantage of open space while allowing you to create private spaces for each person. Telemarketing stations are sold in pods and allow employees to have their own space while still allowing for teamwork. Telemarketing stations often feature lower walls so that team member can see one another and their supervisors easily in case they need to quickly communicate with one another.

New and Used Bench Workstations

Bench work stations are a different approach to seating than cubicles. They are often used in open space office plans. Some are sold as individual units and others as pods or rows. Open bench work stations by goSIT include computer cabinets, tempered glass panels for privacy and other drawers. These workstations come in many different styles such as wood laminate, walnut, white, gray and black. They can work in offices and can also be pushed up against walls. Bench work stations are also compatible with open space office plans.

In addition to the goSIT bench work stations, we also offer pre-owned collaborative open benching systems.  Depending on our stock, features can include adjustable height work desks, divider side storage, mobile pedestals and powered grommets.

Used Cubicle Systems

There are a vast array of cubicle station choices, whether you are looking for larger, elaborate cubicle work stations or smaller cubbies. You can find them in small groups of pods and large banks of pods. Manager style cubicles with doors provide extra privacy and space for meetings. Cubicle work stations may come in pods of three, four, five, six, seven and eight.

Herman Miller and Steelcase provides workstations in cubicle styles that defy expectations about cubicles. These design forward cubicles combine wood and glass in an eye-catching fashion. They can include sliding glass doors, sliding wood panels, white boards, wood veneer work surfaces and adjustable height desks. The brightness of these cubicles fit in perfectly with open space office plans. So, even if you choose cubicles for your office plan, there are many possibilities when it comes when it comes to creating the style and mood of the office.

Used Sit-Stand Cubicle Workstations

To create a sit-stand office workstation, simply pair cubicle panels or dividers with an adjustable height sit stand desk or buy a pre-owned configuration with sit-stand features already incorporated to the cubicle workstation. Electric standing workstations come in a variety of shapes to fit your office needs; the most popular are corner workstations and rectangular.