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New and Used Knoll Dividends

Knoll Dividends provides a diverse selection of products that help employers create effective work spaces. Do you want to create a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration? They have the products that will help you create environments appropriate for teamwork. If private offices and conference rooms are a better fit for your company, Knoll Dividends has products that will assist you in realize this vision.

While many Knoll Dividends products can be a significant investments, keep in mind that they are high quality products. If you want to save money, don’t settle for a lower quality product. Instead, consider working with an office furniture liquidator. These companies buy high quality, brand name furniture like Knoll Dividends and resell it for reasonable prices. Typically, the items have no visible flaws and the company will repair small problems like rips in the upholstery. They may replace the upholstery entirely.

Knoll Dividends offers a extensive assortment of products. These include lockers, pedestals, towers, cubbies, panels, walls, cubicles, dividers and screens. Cubicles are a great way to provide employees with semi-private work areas. You can find cubicles in a variety of styles, such as telemarketing cubicles larger and smaller cubicles. You can purchase pods of cubicles in sizes including 10 x 7, 6 x 7 and in custom cube configurations. Work cubbies can come in many different styles, from unobtrusive grays and putty colors to more sophisticated cubbies made from wood.

Panels, walls, dividers and screens can provide a sense of privacy in the office. Panels come in a variety of sizes and colors which offer soundproofing. They may be upholstered and some have glass panels at the top to bring in light. Panels can be configured in various styles so that they complement your office.

File pedestals are a great way to store file folders and other materials. Styles include box pedestals, pedestals on wheels for easy transportation, and pedestals with seats on the top. Towers are excellent storage options. They include file drawers, tall side storage on the left or right side and top storage with adjustable shelves. Storage cabinets come in a range of sizes and hide shelves behind doors.