KI Office Furniture

KI offers a wide selection of quality furniture pieces including chairs, storage items, and tables. Because KI, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, specializes in high quality furniture, the prices can be can intimidating. Don’t settle for substandard furniture due to your budget. In the long run, cheaply made furniture will cost you money because it will need frequent repairs and replacement.

If you are purchasing furniture, consider working with a national furniture liquidator, instead of settling for cheap furniture. Liquidators are different than used furniture stores that stock old-fashioned desks that may have serious flaws. Modern national furniture liquidators, like National Office Liquidators (NOL), stock high-end, like-new furniture. Small scratches are repaired, and upholstery can be repaired or replaced, depending on the customer’s preference.

KI Used Chairs

KI’s used chairs are available in many different styles, such as wood vintage, conference chairs and mesh back chairs. Products can be shipped throughout the United States at low rates. Most products are covered by a 10 year warranty. If you’d like to visit an NOL warehouse, they are located in Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Phoenix, AZ and Tustin, CA.

KI has an extensive selection of office chairs, side chairs and conference chairs. K1 Versa stack chairs are perfect conference chairs because they are affordable and are created to be stylish and comfortable. The most popular chair color is slate blue. KI Perry are also great stack chairs that have patterned designs. They come in colored patterns including brown, blue, ivory and more.

KI Used Storage

Investing in appropriate storage items has a number of benefits. First of all, it will help you stay organized. You will be able to find the documents and/or files you need immediately. Next, properly storing items will protect both your security and that of your customers. Locking files, locker lockers, pedestals and metal files are difficult to break into. K1 product lines include storage items that can help you protect your documents and files. You can find bookcases, lateral files, storage lockers, pedestals and metal files.

KI Used Tables

KI used tables are available through NOL. These include conference tables, credenzas, adjustable height tables, heavy duty tables and training teams. Adjustable height tables are popular because they are invaluable for meetings and training sessions. It’s also possible to stack these tables when not in use. Some adjustable tables are made to be easily mobile, and others fit into corners neatly.