Herman Miller Chairs

Chairs are an important part of any office because people spend most of their days sitting at their desks and in meetings. There many chairs you should consider, depending on the needs of your employees, clients and visitors. Cost is always a concern when purchasing new furniture. When you work with a national office furniture liquidator, you’ll be able to find high quality products, like Herman Miller, at reasonable prices without skimping on the features you need. You can find well-made, used furniture if you work through a reputable furniture liquidator.  Used Herman Miller chairs are available, including the Ambi, Geiger, Embody, Eames, Caper and Ergon lines.

Used Herman Miller Eames

If you are upgrading your office or want to add a particular style to the environment, consider the Herman Miller Eames products. You can select from designer chairs, vintage chairs and multipurpose chairs. Geiger, A Herman Miller Company, offers additional options including designer lounger chairs, reception chairs and side chairs. You can combine these elements with more traditional furniture to create a unique look. Geiger offers unique seating choices like ottoman lounges.

Used Herman Miller Geiger

Used Herman Miller Caper

Some chairs fill specific needs. Do you have conference rooms and break rooms? The Herman Miller Caper Line offers stack chairs, side chairs, multipurpose chairs and break room chairs that can be easily stored when necessary. The Herman Miller Ergon Line offers conference chairs and multipurpose chairs as well.

One of the most important types of chairs you’ll need are task chairs and computer chairs. These are available from the Herman Miller Ergon, Sayl and Embody line of chairs. Tasks chair are versatile and include features like adjustable arm heights, arm swivels, adjustable back heights, back locks, back tilts, adjustable seat heights and other helpful features. Computer chairs are available without arms, which makes it easier to move between more than one monitor quickly.

Used Herman Miller Ergon

Used Herman Miller Sayl

Used Herman Miller Embody

The Herman Miller Ergon offers specialized products like office stools, task stools and drafting stools for jobs that require specific seating options. If you are looking for side chairs for guests, the Geiger Line offers classically styled chairs in different finishes including cherry and leather. You can also find side chairs with unique prints. High-end chairs are available including leather chairs and high back chairs.