Fire Files

Used Fire Files

Your company likely has a wide variety of documents and computer media files that are vital to both the organization and your customers. These documents are vulnerable to fire, water and theft. You need to take steps to protect these files. When it comes to defending critical information, it’s important to consider fire protection, water protection and security. You can find fire files, insulated fire files and high security files. There are many different products out there. Do the research so you that find fire files, security files and high security files of good quality that have been thoroughly tested.

One of the advantages of fire files is that they are water resistant. The units are designed to prevent the damage that occurs during firefighting efforts including fire hoses and sprinklers. No unit can be completely waterproof but many can resistant a significant amount of water damage. Fireking Turtle Files and Fireking Files feature ETL Electronic Media Protection with 30 minute verification label.

Fire files are available in more than one style to fit the shape of your office. You can find them in vertical fire files, storage cabinets fire files  and lateral fire files. Fire rated files and high security files can also fit in with the style of your office. You can find Fireking Files, Fireking Turtle Files. Fireking Patriot, and Korden Files in many colors, including black, putty, tan and gray. Styles include four-drawer, two-drawer, storage cabinets and legal-sized cabinets. We offer fire files in both new and used condition, and both come with a warranty.

New Fire Files

Korden Fire File files offer security protection in addition to fire protection. Korden Fire Files offer protection from heat. They feature fireproof insulation that protect the contents from fire, impacts and explosions. The interior temperature won’t go over 350 degrees if the fire files are exposed for a one-hour time period of 1,700 degrees.

Korden Fire Files are also high security files. UL-listed high security key locks are standard on Korden Fire Files and the products include keys. The files also feature 30 foot impact ratings. These files will go a long way towards protecting your critical documents. Many of these high security files allow you to access some drawers while still other drawers remain locked. This adds an additional level of security to your document protection system.