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  • Helping Employees Cope During a Difficult Change

    Change is the one constant in every work environment. It comes whether we like it or not. Change is caused by a variety of factors. The economy fluctuates. Competition forces companies to re-evaluate their strategies. This can result in many
  • Brand Name Chairs Under $100

    Chairs are some of the most important items in your office. When people are sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they’re restless and irritated. They spend a lot of time fruitlessly trying to make the chair more comfortable. If some chairs in
  • Reduce Hiring Delays through On-Demand Hiring

    The world of work has changed a great deal over the last two decades. Hiring has had to adapt to the needs of the workplace and the work styles of employees. Although many workplaces still have a typical 9-5 workday,
  • The Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

    Cubicles are great solutions for many office spaces. They help teams work together more effectively because they are sitting in a common area. Cubicle configurations make the most of the office space that you have available. They are also significantly
  • Why National Office Interiors & Liquidators is Different

    Furnishing or updating an office it is an expensive endeavor. There are many advantages to using an office furniture liquidator instead of a retail store to help you furnish your office space. When you’re planning on furnishing or redecorating your
  • How to Manage Employees in a Multi-cultural Workplace

    As companies globalize and the workforce becomes more diverse, dealing with multi-culturalism in the workplace is becoming a vital skill. Managers have to adjust to the reality of a variety of cultures in the workplace and helping many different people