What Not to Wear to the Office

You always want to make a good impression on clients and colleagues. Being dressed with confidence and being well-groomed is an essential not to be overlooked. How you dress can affect your position at work and getting promotions as well.

One wrong fashion choice could make the difference between losing or gaining a client, not getting the job you want or making a bad impression at a client meeting. Below are some helpful ideas to help you with your workwear selection:

  • Don’t wear a cheap coat or jacket: Power suits are no longer in style, so what should you be wearing? Here, your jackets or coats are still essential to your work wardrobe, and you should invest some money in these things. During fall and winter; notably, one of the first items which is noticed is your coat. So if you invest in a coat of a classic brand, or one that’s made from a gorgeous fabric or stand out color; then you’ll be noticed for all the right reasons.
  • Fabrics: You wouldn’t think that what an article of clothing is made from would be that important, would you? But if the fabric is the wrong kind then you might have to wear an unforgiving cloth which is uncomfortable, or wrinkles easily or creases. A combination of fabrics in each piece of clothing which are made from natural and man-made fibers though is perfect for office wear. You won’t looked rumpled at the end of the day, but professional and still polished.
  • Planning ahead: Check out your week and see what meetings or events you have to attend. Plan your outfits for each day. Pull them out of your closet and check them closely for stains and wrinkles. Be sure the clothes are clean, pressed if needed and ready to put on. Check your shoes too to be sure that you don’t have any lose heels or buckles. Even if something unexpected comes up, you should be able to pull out of the closet an outfit which you can put on and leave quickly wearing.
  • Shoes: Some people are all put together until you glance down at their shoes. Shoes which are dirty or scuffed, don’t fit well or don’t match an outfit will not form a good impression. Same with cheap shoes. The height of your shoes is a personal preference. But if you can’t walk steadily in a two-inch heel, then swap to a kitten height heel or even a stylish boot if you’re wearing slacks.
  • Start from the inside: Make sure that you have a couple of well-fitting bras, and any other undergarments needed. It will also be more comfortable during a long workday. If you wear an ill-fitting bra, you may find yourself pulling it into a more comfortable position at inopportune times.
  • Separates: Dresses are great for the office, just slip them over your head and you’re done. But don’t forget about considering quality separates. You can wear a tailored pair of trousers with a classy blouse then. Or a pencil skirt with a quality jacket and heels. With tasteful jewelry as an accent, you can look businesslike and classy.

Then there are definite no’s no’s which will make your co-workers cringe when they see you. If you want to be taken seriously at your job, then stay away from these clothes items:

  • Sneakers: Never wear sneakers to work. These shoes can put a crimp in your career plans in an instant. Athletic footwear belongs in the gym or only worn if you have a distance to walk to work. Then you can wear them to work; just change shoes before you get to the office.
  • Flip-flops: A flip-flop is not a sandal. It bares too much of the foot and makes too much noise when you walk.
  • Low-waist pants: No one wants to see what a pair of low waist pants show. If you do wear low rise pants, wear a shirt long enough to cover everything.
  • Bra straps which are dirty: So, you’re all dressed up in your work finery, and your bra strap is showing. Not only is it showing, but it’s also dirty. Bra straps should not be seen at work.

Dressing correctly at the office can influence your future; just make sure it’s a good influence.