Folding/Nesting Tables

Folding/Nesting tables are used in a variety of ways. In your conference room, extra tables are great to have to quickly accommodate extra guests. They are good for events like a retirement party. Or because you need the folding/nesting tables for regular work. So, you just open them up, and you have the tables you need for all to work.

Our folding table can also be used in the break room or lunchroom. This is especially handy if the room is used for another event later in the day which won’t be using tables. The tables can be broken down and stacked neatly against the wall or in a closet, or nested together until needed again. Pair with stacking chair or nesting chairs to have office furniture that can be stored in a compact space.

For displays of your merchandise at an expo, folding tables will pack up and travel too. Unfold them; set them up, and you can display your goods to interested buyers. They travel easily. In training rooms, nesting tables have enough tabletop room for attendees to spread out their documents. They can even be used by the presenter to setup their presentations, slideshows and whatever else they would need to do with the tables.

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