Mistakes in Business Which Drive Customers Away

Customers can have reasons for not coming back to you for repeat business. Sometimes, it’s a personal preference, or you may no longer supply what they need. But if the reason is because of something that you or your employees did, then that is a problem. So, what are some mistakes you or your employees could be doing that may be driving business away?

Common mistakes which can be made

There are some common mistakes which a business owner or business employees can make. Below is a list of a few and how to keep them from happening again:

  • Lying: Your employees should never lie to a customer, simple as that. By lying to a customer, it does irreparable damage to the business relationship. It could be something as simple as someone saying “I don’t know why your order has been delayed.” The customer knows that the employee knows why it’s late, but that they’re not saying. So, it’s better just to come out and say, “I’m sorry your order is late; there was a backorder. It has been shipped since and will be here Friday.” The customer will appreciate your honesty and that you rectified the situation.
  • Making ridiculous claims about your product: One of the biggest boasts is saying that your product is cheaper than everyone else’s when it isn’t. Customers know better; they know that somewhere else someone may be selling the same product that you are and possibly at a lower price. You’re better off explaining why your product costs the amount it does and why they’re better off buying it from you; perhaps because you offer services that other people don’t, when this is a true statement. Maybe you could offer an extra warranty or better delivery prices then to keep a customer because of price differences.
  • Focusing on the sales instead of the customer: You will have unhappy customers if your main focus is on getting that sale instead of making the customer happy. Your customer won’t like it either if what you’re pushing is something that they really don’t want. You’re better off to talk to the customer about what they want and then being helpful. If you think it’s something they should hold off on, they’ll appreciate it in the long run. They’ll trust your opinion and input when the time does come to purchase what you’re selling.

Business mistakes online

Naturally, you don’t want to do is anything which hurts your business. However, sometimes you can make a mistake with your business page which does just that. So, check out the mistakes below, evaluate your website after reading them and then make the necessary changes.

  1. A confusing website: Sometimes a business owner will use a little too much flare to make their website stand out from the competition. The problem is that the website may look awesome with all the bells and whistles, but potential customers may leave the website not understanding the message that you’re trying to send. After all, no one wants the equivalent of a firework display when they are perusing an online site. So it’s better to have a more unique business approach than being overly flashy.
  2. Too much information: You can also put too much information on your page and cause an information overload, like when reading an applied maintenance manual. Because people often scan for what they are looking for only, and if they have to wade through page after page of information, they’ll leave your site.
  3. Making sure all the links work: When you have links on your site, say to link to office furniture, and the links don’t work; your potential customer may just click out. They could be thinking that if you don’t care enough to make sure that everything works on your page; how would you handle their order?
  4. Not including contact details: You would think that this would be a no-brainer, but it does happen. The potential client reads all your business info, is ready to place an order and there isn’t any easy contact information or way to place an order online that is understandable
  5. Spelling errors: If your content is poorly written, then it looks like you don’t care about quality or that you’re not committed to your business. So hire professional writers who will create content which fits your website and is grammatically accurate.

Making simple mistakes in business drives away business instead of building working relationships and sales.