bliss-fenwickMeet Bliss Fenwick, Finance Coordinator

What brought you to NOIL?

The opportunity presented itself when I was offered the job and I took it as a blessing because as a recent immigrant from the Philippines, I was unsure about where/how to find a job that won’t cause any conflict with my belief and observance of the Sabbath and other holy days.

What are you responsible for in the company?

I’m responsible for the day-to-day accounts receivable and accounts payable.

How do you measure your success at NOIL?

I measure my success by looking at whether I’ve accomplished the tasks assigned to me in a timely manner given prevailing circumstances and whether I’ve kept the company’s interests protected.  Also, I feel successful when I’m able to maintain positive relationships with the people I work with”not just those over me, but also my peers and people outside the company that I come in contact with.

The softer side of Bliss.

I enjoy reading, dancing, and having deep conversations with family and trusted friends.

ryan-chamberlinMeet Ryan Chamberlin, Senior Manager of Web Technologies

Ryan’s career started in the mid-90s in San Jose, CA during the dot-com boom in Silicon Valley as a systems engineer and senior technical architect for disaster recovery and data storage. The majority of his technical expertise was focused on project design and implementation for such clients as Sun, Microsoft, Cisco, Lucus Films, PetSmart, British Telecom in England and Network Appliance – traveling throughout the US and Europe for several years.

Ryan’s technical expertise is rare; he’s able to learn new programming languages within days, and has a way of explaining highly technical details to a non-technical person so they can understand it. He’s great at helping others identify their technical project requirements so they can achieve their functional website goals. Ryan is Adword certified and is also our Salesforce administrator.

The softer side of Ryan.

Loves geeky things like computers and video games, but is always on the go with traveling, racing and working on home improvement projects with his family. He is a Championship Short Course Buggy and Quad racer.

kara-manuelMeet Kara Manuel, Marketing Product Manager & Photographer

What brought you to NOIL?

I chose NOIL because it offered a diverse roll that allowed me to do all the things I love. After meeting the team I knew that this is the place I wanted to be not only because of the position but because of the company culture.

What are you responsible for in the company?

I’m responsible for product photography, editing and uploading the product onto the website. I also post to our social media outlets and assist on marketing campaigns.

How do you measure your success at NOIL?

I love uploading product onto the site and then seeing it already sold the next day. But mostly, I measure my success on how the company does as a whole. When we all work together towards a common goal that is when we are strongest and most successful.

The softer side of Kara.

I’m a proud Purdue Alumni. I love painting, drawing and photography. I’m an avid reader who loves a good book series. I enjoying Hiking and spending time with my family and seeing new places.


Meet Phillip Simons, Product Coordinator

What brought you to NOIL?

Company Values is the big one. I wanted to work for a company that I felt at home with, not just another 9 to 5. Once I meet the team that I would be working with I knew that they would help me shape my career and my path.

What are you responsible for in the company?

I work with the front end of the inventory system documenting, creating, and uploading our products to Salesforce with AscentERP for our marketing team I work very closely with the warehouse receiving and fulfillment teams to make sure we only receive quality furniture.

How do you measure your success at NOIL?

I gauge success based on not only my work, but the work of my team. By setting goals that meet or beat expectations, and working as hard as we can to complete those goals. I consider that a success.

The softer side of Phil.

Family man above all. Spending time with my wife and son is the best time spent. I also love the outdoors, hiking, working out, eating (not cooking), having a great conversation, growing a beard :), sipping a good whiskey, technology, video games, but most of all traveling. I love to travel, there is something about being in a different culture, meeting strangers, eating new foods, seeing how the other half of the world lives.