Incorporating Autumn Colors into Your Office Décor

Autumn is a beautiful time of year throughout the country. Integrating autumn colors and items into your office will make it more attractive during the season and add some visual interest throughout the office. There are a variety of options for adding autumn touches to your workplace. You can use many different strategies to decorate different parts of the office at reasonable prices.

Your reception area is a great place to add autumn colors to your office. Flower arrangements are an attractive way to use seasonal colors. You can choose different types of flowers such as sunflowers, mums and chrysanthemums. Local wildflowers are also fun choices. Don’t limit these arrangements to the reception area. You can place them in other rooms as well, including breakrooms, conference rooms and restrooms. Farmer’s markets sell flowers at significantly lower prices than flower stores. Always consider employee and visitor comfort when you buy flowers. Some flowers, like lilies, have a strong scent. While some people enjoy the scent, it’s problematic for others who suffer from allergies or are prone to headaches. Avoid anything with a strong perfume and ask for a second opinion to make sure that it isn’t offensive. You should avoid potpourri and scented candles for the same reason.

Buying fresh flowers can quickly become expensive since you need to replace them regularly. There are other types of arrangements that last longer while still looking professional and elegant. Some people use artificial flowers. These are a good option because you can re-use them for several years if they’re stored properly. You can also rearrange the flowers every several days to freshen their appearance. Always invest in high quality artificial flowers. Cheap artificial flowers look fake and unprofessional but you can purchase ones that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. There are craft and home and garden stores that offer attractive artificial flowers. You should dust them regularly. They accumulate dust just like furniture. When the flowers get dusty, it’s obvious that they are fake.

Flowers aren’t the only type of arrangements that you can display in reception areas, offices, conference rooms and breakrooms. There are many do-it-yourself choices. Look for regional items like berries, branches, grasses and leaves. You can find these at a low cost at local public markets and craft stores. You might be lucky enough to find them in fields or gardens. Again, be cautious so that you don’t trigger allergies. If your budget is tight, check second-hand stores for vases, bowls and baskets to display your arrangements. You can find lots of suggestions for do-it-yourself arrangements on the internet.  

There are other natural items that can add an autumn touch. You can put pinecones, gourds, dried herbs and unshelled nuts in bowls and place them throughout the office. Some gourds can even be used as vases. Be careful when you choose herbs. Some have strong smells that make people sneeze or give them headaches. There are a plethora of arrangement ideas on many different internet sites. You can find suggestions for make the most of your regional autumn offerings and tips on arranging them and keeping them fresh.

Consider hanging seasonal art in your office. You don’t have to buy large, expensive pieces. Often, you can find attractive items from local artists at reasonable prices. There are many different options including paintings and photographs. Some office managers rotate art during fall, winter, summer and spring to create visual interest in the office. Art is a good investment because you can re-use it. You can hang it differently every year so it doesn’t seem repetitive.

In some areas of the country, football is synonymous with fall. Consider hanging pennants from various football teams in the area. Don’t just include professional teams. Put up pennants or other memorabilia from local college and high school teams. This shows support for the community and is fun for tem members. Encourage people to hang small team banners or other items in their work areas.

You can explore a variety of possibilities in order to integrate the beauty of autumn into your office environment. It’s important to evaluate your company’s style and culture before choosing decorations. If your office is formal, rustic items and team pennants aren’t a good fit just like fussy floral arrangements are out of place in causal workplace.