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  • Generational Differences and Purchasing Decisions

    When you’re marketing products to the public, there are many different demographics you need to consider. Geographic location, education, income, gender, age and race are important considerations. Studies have shown that targeted messages work better than marketing that is created
  • Appropriate Conduct at Professional Social Events

    During the course of your career, you will have the opportunity to attend many work-related social events. These may include after-hours work parties, happy hours and dinner parties. Outside of your job, you may join any number of professional associations
  • Herman Miller Ergon Chairs

    A good chair can help your employees. How? First of all, chairs may or may not make people comfortable. An uncomfortable chair is a distraction. Chairs may be inflexible and rigid. They can be the wrong height or tilt which
  • Acknowledging Employee Frustrations

    Frustrations are a part of working life. Co-workers, customers, regulations and management can contribute to feelings of anger, irritation and discomfort. Everyone feels this way sometimes. As a manager, you need to know as much as possible about the issues
  • Changing an Employee’s Role

    Have you ever held a job that turned out differently than you expected? Sometimes, people are hired for a particular position and are told they’ll be performing certain tasks. Then, at some point, they find they’re taking on other responsibilities.
  • Growing Business: Common Pitfalls for Owners

    It’s exciting when a business grows. After all, it’s the goal of business owners to watch their companies grow and thrive. However, growth brings its own set of problems. There are many examples of businesses that have failed because the