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  • Cell Phone Policies for the Office

    Cell phones are everywhere and that includes in the office. However, with their ringing and beeping, cell phones at office desks turned on, even if not being used, can be a major distraction. Also, if employees are answering their phones
  • How to Coach a Toxic Employee

    A toxic employee can become an employable person with the right employer and some coaching from an employer who cares. One way to do this coaching with toxic employees is to disengage bad behavior and remain neutral, but diplomatic. Also,
  • The Benefits of Budget Friendly Humanscale Chairs

    There is probably nothing worse than sitting in an office chair that’s uncomfortable. It hurts your back; the arms won’t adjust and when you do stand up you can’t walk straight till the kinks work their way out. This is
  • Characteristics of Good Company Culture

    Since company culture is such a big buzzword in the world of business, the question is how can company culture help a small business expand to mid-size? Because there are ways to make positive company culture work from small businesses
  • Why It’s Important to Be a Leader Instead of a Boss

    If you’re in charge of your company, are you going to be a boss or a leader? Of course, as a leader you are the boss, but this term boss is meant with its pejorative implications. Because there are definite
  • When Your Employee Wants a Pay Raise

    One of your employee wishes to make an appointment with you. As you sit behind your desk, you wonder if it could be about a pay raise and you start to worry. You worry because if the employee does want