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  • Standing Desks and Improved Performance

    Standing desks are becoming popular because studies have shown they can improve employee performance for a number of reasons. The positive effects of hybrid standing desks, which allow employees to both sit and stand, can benefit both individuals and the company. Research
  • Common Types of Salary Increases

    Salaries are an important part of the employee experience. Well-paid employees feel appreciated for their contributions to the company. Underpaid workers are often frustrated, especially when the company is doing well financially and the rewards aren’t shared. They feel unappreciated
  • Helping Employees Maintain Privacy in the Office

    Privacy is important to everyone. Privacy can refer to many different things, including personal property, personal information and work performance. As an employer, it’s important to consider these issues and provide your employees with appropriate protection. If you don’t protect
  • Micromanger No More: Managers Who Have Changed Their Ways

    Have you been accused of being a micromanager? It’s difficult to let go of control of many work details, but ultimately, you are making your own job harder and frustrating your employees. Changing micromanaging behavior is difficult but it is definitely possible.
  • Encouraging Employee Input

    When you encourage employee feedback, it makes them feel valued. They realize that the company cares about their ideas and concerns. This is motivating and helps them feel invested in the company, its customers and its future. To encourage input, you will need
  • Emotional Intelligence: An Overview

    When we think of intelligence, we typically think of people who are good at school and understand difficult concepts. IQ refers to Intelligence Quotient, which is assessed by a variety of different tests. It can affect an individual’s performance in school and