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  • Why Office Rules Should Be Followed

    Companies have rules. If companies didn’t have rules, then chaos would reign and output would suffer. Also, rules in a company or office define the culture and the type of company it is. Without rules, there is no company, but
  • Signs Your Team May Be Changing

    Your business is going along smoothly and your employees are working as a team efficiently. But then you start to notice signs of dissatisfaction from your most valuable employee. He doesn’t seem as enthused about a new project and seems
  • Why You Should Hire a Telecommuter

    Companies are finding out that hiring telecommuters is a sound investment dealing with both time and money. Since communicating with other businesses all over the world is more and more common, hiring a person who works from home, or even
  • What an Employee Thinks the Culture at Work Is

    Employers may believe that the work culture of their company provides its employees with teamwork and innovation. However, the employees may at the same time feel as if the workplace is a place of competition, predictability and obedience at the
  • Where the Workhorse Employee Fits In

    An employee who is a workhorse is an employee who goes to great lengths to make sure that things get done. This type of employee soon becomes someone that you can always depend on. So, an employee who is a
  • How to Settle Disagreements Among Employees

    When you have employees, you can also have personality conflicts. Sometimes it’s something which can be shrugged off, but other times it may be something more serious. Conflict isn’t always a bad thing either, it can lead to improvements, creativity,