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  • Going Green with Pre-owned Office Furniture

    Going green is a popular topic today. Many companies are doing their best to eliminate waste and minimize their impact on the environment as a part of doing business. Many workplaces emphasize recycling cans, papers, bottles and reducing the amount
  • How to Minimize Overtime

    Managing overtime can be a headache for many companies. There are times when overtime is constant, which can lead to considerable costs for the company. If your company doesn’t find a way to minimize overtime, you can lose a great
  • Productivity During the Holiday Season

    Holiday seasons are notorious for having a negative effect on productivity. Everyone suffers including employees, customers and management. It’s a distracting time for everyone. The problem is that everyone needs to get things done during every holiday season. Project goals
  • Working for Someone Who is Younger than You

    In today’s rapidly changing workplace, you may find yourself in an unexpected position – you may end up working for someone significantly younger than you. It can be an initial shock but you shouldn’t assume that a person’s age is
  • Managing Digital Stress

    Email and other types of digital communication are inescapable parts of the modern work world. These can be excellent tools for certain types of interactions. They can also be major sources of stress if they aren’t managed appropriately. There are
  • How to Show Respect to Others

    It’s important to demonstrate respect to others. It’s a critical part of building strong relationships with them. If you don’t demonstrate respect for the people you work with, they won’t respect you. This will lead to many different problems that