New Office Furniture Arrivals

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  • Conference Tables and Storage Credenzas

    Choosing a conference table A conference table can be many sizes; having different shapes. It can also be made from an assortment of materials such as wood, marble, glass, synthetic materials or any combination of these elements. Additionally, when deciding
  • Privacy and Team Stations

    One of the problems with working in an office is that people who don’t like being crowded can become stressed as more people enter a room. Now people’s idea of space and how they feel about being crowded comes from
  • How to Keep Your Desk Professional Looking

    Did you know that you can lose up to an hour a day because your desk is disorganized? But if your desk is well organized and everything is in its place, this can help with work productivity and set the
  • How to be a Strong Leader While Retaining Employees

    When employees leave the companies that they’re working for, this could be for one or many reasons. Some employers think employees leave just because of pay issues though. However, many employees leave jobs for reasons other than money. Also, when
  • How to Have Both Style and Comfort in Your Office

    When you and your employees spend 8 hours a day working in an office at your business, sitting comfortably can be an issue. Also, if the furniture is comfortable, employees will work more efficiently. Additionally, style is important because the
  • How to Buy a New Office Chair

    There are certain things to consider when buying a new office chair when you run a business. It should have features which adjust such as seat height because your office desk’s leg room may be different than the ones in