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  • Outsourcing Key Roles

    Do you own or manage a small or medium-sized company? If so, you have many of the same concerns as larger companies. You have to make sure you’re in compliance with employment laws, tax laws and accounting regulations. There are labor and
  • Writing Effective Job Descriptions

    Job descriptions aren’t required by any law, yet they are one of the most important tools for the workplace. They are written details of job duties, tasks, standards, location and other information that summarize the work involved in the position. Some job
  • Habits of Effective Employees

    You can find many articles about managing your workplace habits so you are more productive. The problem with many of these tactics is that they are more appropriate for management than for everyone else on the team. One common strategy is to
  • Managing Socializing in the Office

    Socializing is a normal part of the office environment. It’s difficult to separate work and personal life when people spend so much of their time in the office. Employees in close-knit departments and small businesses are especially likely to share both happy
  • Qualifying for a Home Office Deduction

    Whether you are preparing to file your taxes or preparing yourself for the upcoming year, it’s a good idea to learn about all possible deductions that may apply to your situation. If it’s near tax time, you can ask your tax preparer
  • Hosting Take Your Child to Work Day

    Take Your Child to Work Day is a great event for employees and their families. It’s well-established that this is a great opportunity for children to understand their parents’ jobs. Take Your Child to Work Day is also a wonderful tool for